Protecting the Innocence

In this ever changing world consumed with Facebook and snapchat, how do children stay innocent? I see kids that I feel like are too young, already with social media accounts. And to each their own. It isn’t affecting myself or my family, but it breaks my heart. For these kids. How is a child supposed to remain innocent when scrolling through Facebook? Even with all of the parental controls on the account, they are still exposed to more than they need to be. All of the memes, the rate me posts, the relationship posts, etc. That gives a skewed view on self worth and what a healthy relationship is. How many times have you seen a post that has bad language, sex, drugs, alcohol in it? I am sure The majority of these kids aren’t posting these things, but they see them from other people. The selfies with girls wearing way less then they should and showing way more then they should. I want my daughter to know that modesty is beautiful and my son to know that girls don’t have to dress that way to be attractive.

Even as an adult if I posted a “rate me” post, and received bad ratings or none at all, it would hurt my self esteem. Seriously. Maybe that is childish of me, and maybe that’s why I don’t post those things! I can’t handle the truth, 😉 But imagine what it does to a 10, 12, 15 year old. A child that is struggling to find themselves. To come into their own. To accept them selves as they are. Rate Me 1-10……cricket chirps… ratings…..Come on guys, how hot am I? 1- not hot 10- I would date you…..ooh, I got a 6. So at least someone thinks I am mediocre. This is no way for kids to be spending their days. And I know kids  still do “kid” activities with social media accounts. But I don’t see the benefits of children having these accounts. They need to be outside, playing, hanging out with friends, swimming, participating in sports, going to church, and involved in people’s lives. Waiting on approval from other is a long wait.

I am glad my kids aren’t asking what ROTFF, WTF, LMFAO, SMDH mean. They aren’t asking because they aren’t exposed. Of course there will be a day when they will be exposed and they will be asking hard questions. And it may seem that I shelter my kids more than I should. And that they need to learn to be tough skinned and see how hard life really is. And I agree to that on some points. I don’t baby my kids. They know that life isn’t all about them, and that things aren’t always going to go their ways. They know to expect bumps in the road. What they don’t know is how hot they rate. They don’t know about posting selfie, even though they do like to take them! They have a sense of innocence that I want to keep around a little longer. Sooner or later they will be posting and scrolling. They have the rest of their lives to worry what others are doing! But for now, I am content with my kids being kids.

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