It’s that time of year again

BUh buh buh buh buh

Buh buh buh

Even though it seems like summer is just beginning it’s really close to coming to an end {WAHWAH, it’s Debbie Downer} and it’s time to think about the coming school year. For most parents that means getting back to school supplies, finding out who is their kid’s teacher, new school clothes and shoes. For those of us that homeschool it means decision time. And there are so many choices!!! It’s overwhelming. Do we want to use the same curriculum from last year? Do we want to add or take away anything from that? Do we want to try a whole new direction? How much is it going to cost? Are we going to do a co op this year? And sometimes it even involves questioning whether we want to homeschool at all anymore.

There are days that I look across the road and see that pretty blue roofed elementary school sitting there, and think….jeez that would be nice to have them there ALL day. Seriously, think of what all I could get done! No kids….for 8 hours….I don’t know what that feels like. Because in all honesty there are times I don’t want to homeschool anymore. I don’ want to pick out the curriculum. I don’t want to sit for hours teaching my kids, heck people went to college so they can do that! Why on Earth should I be doing it? And then there are times where if I don’t get a moment away from the kids I will look like Goldey Hawn in overboard…..buhbuhbuhbuh, grapes being thrown at her face. So I quietly slip off to my room and hide. I try to lay as still as possible under the blankets, because you know blankets have the ability to conceal even the largest of things! So I lay still and listen. A few minutes pass and then it begins. The hunt for mom. Where is she? Where did she go? What is she doing? So down the hall I hear, “Mom” and I lay there even more still. I don’t even breath. Then after repeated attempts to call for me, the door slings open and some how they realize it’s me under the blankets. I barely peek my head out of the top, and pretend I didn’t hear them! Of course by now they know the truth.

So I climb out of the bed. Drag myself back into the homeschool room and we began again. Then I see the light bulb go off in their heads. I watch their eyes light up as I see that they “get it”.  They start asking questions and reading more, and want to gather as much info as possible. Then we finish up, get some lunch an they usually go outside to play. They spend hours outside each day. Literally, 6-9 hours a day they are outside. Exploring, playing, taking care of animals, helping out with chores, and just being kids. So then I look back over at that blue roofed school and watch as those kids traipse back into the building after 20 minutes outside, to sit in a block classroom, at a desk, and finish up their 8 hours. That’s when I decide that there is no other place I would rather my kids to do school than in our home with me.

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