When God Speaks


Have you ever had that intuition? That gut feeling, that 6th sense? Well I have, often in fact. And what I used to think was some form of greater understanding, I now recognize as the voice of God. Just last week God spoke to me. There were no loud words from Heaven. No booming thunder, no audible voice. Just that ever so gentle nudging. That awareness of what was going to happen.

So let’s go back to last Monday. My eyes opened at 7am, like every other morning. But immediately I knew I would be getting a phone call for a placement or placements. (foster kids) I lay there in bed listening to that silent but ever so present voice. I would get a phone call today asking about accepting some kids. Get ready Emilee. Be prepared. You will be called. So of course my mind started racing. I need another bed. This child will need their own bed of course. And where will I put this bed? Extra room upstairs or sharing a room with Ashlyn? So my type A personality starting configuring all sorts of solutions.

All day I made sure to keep my phone with me, anticipating that phone call I would be receiving. I waited and waited. Lunch no phone call. I began to doubt whether I heard this voice right. Another few hours passed. Nothing. Then around 3pm my phone rang, displaying my case workers name on the caller I.d. This was it. Here it comes, the request. So I answered and she started by saying she has a referral she wants to ask me about. She explained the situation. Told me what little info she has. I tossed the words around in my head. I bit my cheek (nervous habit), I asked Matt what he thought. I hung up not giving her an answer, telling her I would let her know in a bit. Why was this so hard to decide? This is what God had been preparing me for all day. So together Matt and I agreed that we would accept these kids.

Fast forward. A week had passed and still no word on these 2 kids. (my patience was wearing thin) We didn’t know if we would get them or not. In that time we had received 2 more referrals, which I declined, stating my heart was with those 2. I wanted to wait. This past Monday around 10 am my phone again rang, confirming these 2 kids would be coming to our home! Luckily I found 2 twin beds for sale last week for $50,  AND I bought them. I knew I would need them. 🙂 Plus as a foster parent you can never have too many beds.

So today we get to meet these 2 children. Ages 9 and 6. And tomorrow they move in.  (Eeek!!!) I am not sure what the plans are with these kids. I am not sure what the future holds, but I do know that God has his hand in this 100%. No doubt in my mind he prepared me last week for these plans. And I am sure it isn’t going to be easy…..5 kids…..shew!!! But I know that I will be able to handle it. God’s got this!

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