Follow His Lead

88a0d05896ededd0fe3b79aeaa562e8dAs the new school year is approaching and sports are starting, I began to realize I have a lot on my plate. I have 5 kids that I am responsible for. I have visits, therapy, soccer, co-op, archery, dog club, lesson plans (homeschool and co-op), pick up and drop off times, social workers to talk to, court dates to keep straight, dentists, orthodontist, and Dr. visits. I make all of the phone calls needed to keep everything straight for all of the children. And then I also take care of the house. So it got me thinking. Wouldn’t life be much easier if I only had “my” two children? Seriously. I would have soooo much less to keep track of and soooo much less to worry about.

No social workers. No visits. No IEP’s. No therapy. No documenting. No court dates. Wow….what would my day look like? Probably a lot more relaxed and laid back. Not so many forms and binders. Medical passports wouldn’t be cluttering up the cabinets. Life books wouldn’t be on the shelves. The laundry pile wouldn’t be sky high. The grocery list wouldn’t be a mile long. And I would be able to just tend to myself and my kids.

But what if Jesus had done that. What if he had only tended to himself and what he needed. What if he hadn’t talked to the lady at the well? What if he hadn’t healed the lepers body? Or made the blind see or the lame walk? What if he had been so consumed with just his self, where would we be today? I am sure Jesus would have walked a much easier path had he kept to himself. I am sure his worries and burdens would have been less. But that was not the life God had planned for him. He was sent to Earth knowing he would live a life serving others and making the biggest sacrifice there is. Dying for others.

Of course my life could be easier. Less stressful. Less chaotic. But then I remember the bible verse Matthew 25:35-40…..”whatever you did for the least of these brothers and sisters you did for me” Of course there is more to the verses, when he was hungry we fed him, clothed him, visited him in prison, gave him something to drink. And the song by Audio Adrenaline Kings and Queens also comes to my mind. Different parts that stick out are, “on the road on the run, when their lives have only begun these could be our daughters or our sons. And just like a drum I can hear their hearts beating I know my God won’t let them be defeated Every child has a dream to belong and be loved” and “these are the lives that the world has forgotten waiting for doors of our hearts and homes to be open”

I am not saying that foster care is for everyone. Not everyone is called to do the same things. But no matter what it is that you feel God is placing on your heart, listen. It may not be easy. It may be hard. It may be out of your comfort zone. But when there is a calling that God has for you he will provide what is needed to complete that call. Are there days I wish I hadn’t listened to that call? Of course. Are there moments that I think I am in way over my head. Yes. And days I am tired and aggravated and I don’t want to listen to another report, talk to a worker, go to court, or take care of anything pertaining to foster care. But I know that God has this in his plans. And on some days I wish this wasn’t in His plans, but it is. And where he leads I will follow. Even if it is hard.

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