Did God let this happen to me?

“Did God let this happen to me? You know the stuff that happened” Wow….this was the question that was asked to me by the little girl living with us for a while. We were discussing how great God is, how he knows everything that happens, how he has wonderful plans for us all, and he always wants the best for us. I know for me it’s hard to comprehend the greatness of God so I try to simplify it even more for the kids. Basically God loves us all and wants us all to be well taken care of and make good choices. But this question stopped me in my tracks. How can you explain to a child who has had unimaginable things happen to them, who has been removed from what life they know, and living with the consequences of the bad choices  of the adults in their lives that God knew this was going to happen them. Here we have these kids that are just being introduced to the loving God. And then you tell them that God knew what was going to happen to them. It’s a hard concept to grasp.

So I just really avoided the question. I didn’t feel like I had a good answer at that time. I didn’t know what to say to her. Because for her to hear, “well yes, God did know this was going to happen to you” would open a plethora of questions. I needed to be better equipped myself. So after some research, reading in the word, talking to Matthew I now have some answers that I am confident in. Yes, God did know these things were going to happen to her. And yes he did “allow” it. Now, was it God’s choice and doing? No, I don’t think so. Man has free will and I think that Satan still has more power then we would like. And Satan comes here only to kill, steal and destroy people. And what better way than to kill the security children have in families, to steal their innocence, and to destroy their faith. With every child abused Satan has accomplished all he sets out to do. And when these children aren’t helped and they continue in these abusive situations it continues the cycle and Satan just sets back and  smiles.

So why does God allow these things to happen? That I can’t answer. I have no idea. I can tell you why I think bad things happen. I think it is so that people grow closer to God. So that their faith increases. So that people become more reliant on God. When you are being tested and your life is hard you have choices. You can chose to turn from God and blame him or you can turn to God and trust HIS purpose for the suffering. You may never really know the his reasoning. He doesn’t have to show it to you. But if you have faith and trust in God he will right the wrongs on his terms. God will bring more good from the bad that has happened in your life.

So maybe this happened to my little girl so that she could be removed from that house before it got much worse. Maybe it was so that they could come to live with us and be introduced to God. Maybe it was to have the perpetrator caught and prosecuted so that no other children were harmed. Maybe it was to be a wake up call to the family so that they can straighten out their lives and make better choices, to end the cycle. I don’t know why these things happened to her and to all of the people who suffer. But I do know that I want to teach my kids and myself that bad things happen and in those times we will turn to God instead of away from him.

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