Whatever name you see fit

So, I know most people are so tired of the election Crap. The votes. Popular vote, electoral vote, the non voter. Whatever. I am tired of it too. But I have to get on my soap box and rant a little bit. I am just appalled at the actions in this country.

I mean seriously, is this the America we want our kids to grow up in. A country where college kids get tissues and hot chocolate. Coloring books and playdoh?! WTH has happened?! I can’t even fathom the BS going on. Riots, protestors, and all in the name of making America a more loving place to live. I have said this before and I will say it again. Liberals, leftists, democrats, whatever you want to call them are all love and peace until it’s not their way. Then they think they have the right to call names and accuse people of being homophobes, sexists, bigots, racists, mulsimphobes, and whatever else they call us. It’s ridiculous. All the while they claim to just want peace, love and acceptance. I guess it’s peaceful to allow the killings of 4 American soldiers. And late term abortions are pretty peaceful too. Nothing like killing a baby to show your love.

I will tell you the names I give myself. I am a Christian, a wife, a mother and a conservative. I am a woman who believes life is unfair and hard. And I believe that we all just need to have a come to Jesus moment. But you can call me whatever name you see fit.

It’s scary to think these adults will be the leaders when I am old. It’s terrifying. I guess when ISIS or Russia tell us they will bomb the US these leaders will get a coloring book and cry about it to think about their feelings. And sort through their emotions.

And all this Crap about “what will I tell my kids?” You will tell them that this is America. This is a democracy. You don’t always get what you want. This is life. Today I told my kids what the college kids were doing, the looks on their faces were priceless. Then I told them to finish their chores and go shoot their guns outside. Because no way in hell am I raising blubbering college kids needing playdoh to cope.

***Done ranting***

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