Why does my child have on the cone of shame?

So, as most mothers that stay home I am responsible for the animals eating as well as the rest of the family. Now my kids do feed the animals, but they have to be reminded, daily. Like anything changed from yesterday or the day before. “Why yes, Griffin, the dogs need to eat today too” My husband wouldn’t notice if the animals ever ate again, nor do I think he would care if a couple of them didn’t! 😉 So after 5 hours of swimming and 3 hungry greasy sun screened kids we hopped in the car to go the 7 miles to the nearest Tractor Supply store to buy some cat food. Did I mention that we have 2 indoor cats, one that was found abandoned in the yard at 5 days old that I bottle fed every 3 hours for 5 weeks….. {what the?}  and one that was a present for Ashlyn. Moonpie and Cannoli are their names. And of course being the animal loving kind hearted person I am, I took in a mother cat and her 3 kittens, to be strictly barn cats. We have since gotten rid of 2 of the kittens so we have 2 outside, resulting in 4 cats total on our little farm. Joy is the mom cat and Oreo is the kitten we kept. Pulling into the store I remind the kids that we are only getting cat food. No toys, no candy, no guns (BB of course) and to not even ask me for anything. Before I pull in the parking spot, Ashlyn sarcastically says, “can I get some candy?” {where does she get this from?} I glare at her with that mother death look, she chuckles and I don’t. We get in the store. Here I am, looking at all the different kind of cat food. I know what we will buy for the 2 indoor cats, same as usual. But it’s on the more expensive side and I don’t really want to pay that much for the “barn cats”. As terrible as that is, but I can’t afford the high end food for outdoor cats that don’t even like us! But the second guessing sets in and I am turning bags over looking at crude protein amounts and what are the first ingredients listed. We don’t want to feed them by product or corn meal as that commercial reminds us. A-bear is in the cart screaming wanting out and wanting the buckle tightened at the same time. I notice that I hear Ashlyn and Griffin laughing and look over to find…. Ashlyn has snapped a dog cone collar around Griffin’s neck. In the middle of the store….. Of course my initial reaction is to scream to get that thing off his head! Why on earth would you put that around his neck?! And I think to myself do all mother’s deal with these sort of things when trying to shop? Do all mothers have to tell their kids to take that cone off? My sister and I joke that when you become a mother, you say things that you never thought you would say. This is a prime example.  Surely it isn’t just my children who would put on a dog cone while in the store. Eventually I pick out the cat food I feel is a happy medium, not too bad and not too expensive. One that won’t kill the cats but keep them fed. Now to go and feed the kids! Hopefully the Captain D’s won’t kill them either! Share some of the things you never thought you would have to say to your kids!

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