Yea, I have changed.

life changes

Life is all about changes. Some are good some are bad. We go through life hoping for praying for and sometimes not wanting these changes. But they happen. And sometimes we don’t even realize some of the subtle changes that happen. Small changes that take place over a length of time. Like from the freshman 15 to the mommy 50! 😉

And for the most part I am glad that I have changed. And I know that other people change too. But I also know that I am guilty of assuming that some people have not. I know that when I see or hear about certain people from my past, especially high school that I still have a certain image about them. But I would hate to think that people still think of me as the same girl I was then. I am far from it.

And why am I so far from who I used to be? Well there are a number of reasons. Maturity for one. Hopefully I don’t think and behave like a 17 old girl!  Life experiences and lessons that I have learned. And God. I have changed in the biggest part due my faith. When there is a heart change there is a life change. And that is what has happened with me. My heart has changed. I try so hard to show the love of Christ through my life, that it had to change. Is that to say I am perfect and do no wrong? Far from it. I mess up daily. From my thoughts to my actions.  I struggle. But I continue to try.

Some people have accused me of changing too much. That I am not like I used to be. That I am a prude. That I am no fun anymore. And that’s fine. I have a great time and have so much fun. Is it the same kind of  fun I was used to have? No. It is just as much fun? Yes. And I am proud to say yea, I have changed. I am a different person. And I am going to continue to change and grow. And I am also going to remember that when I think of someone from my past, they have probably changed too.

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